We are blogging!

Here we go! We know it is important to do this. We like to think you all want to here from us! It is just finding the time to do this that we have struggled with!

November is bringing big changes for us! We have added staff, we are introducing new programs like Family Fun Free Play Time and Mommy & Me Barre Yoga featuring Kristin, the owner of Rooted Barre Yoga

( www.rootedbarreyoga.com )

A new reading program {details still need to be finalized}

and HOPEFULLY our new Village Child Infant Program featuring our Center Director Beth Gachowski will be opening its doors!

( https://www.thevillagecenterkbk.com/the-village-child-nursery-school/ )

We cannot wait until all of these things are finalized. We appreciate everyone hanging in there with us while we continue to grow our offerings !

We are here to support you to be the best you can possibly be!

XO, Amanda

Amanda Oelschlegel