Skills-Based Curriculum

Our scheduled activities change on a monthly basis.  Check out schedule to see what activities your little one would be interested in attending

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Here when you need us, here when you want us ...

We love surprises!  Drop in and see how much fun we are having. 

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Onsite Care

Need care at your home or hotel?  Book with confidence! Each of our onsite care providers are fully background checked, covered by insurance and have a tremendous amount of experience.  Contact us today to schedule your onsite care needs.


Satellite Event Care

Let us come to you!  We bring everything we need, you just need provide the venue.  Our onsite, satellite care allows children to enjoy the event just as much as you!!  Contact us to discuss availability and pricing  


Fees and Availability

We offer a flat rate of $13.00 per hour in our center.  Each of our skills block are capped at 10 children total {first come, first serve basis - we recommend making a reservation using the Reservations page or calling ahead}

Onsite care begins at $28/hr.  

Aftercare is provided at $20/day and runs 3:00-6:00pm.  Contact us for bus routes and schedules.


Volunteer, Credit Program

We started this journey in an efforts to help our community prosper in every aspect in their lives. We understand that our fees may make this difficult for some households to take advantage of.  So we are offering a volunteer, credit based program which will allow for 1 hour of childcare for every 2 hours that is donated to the Center.


Love kids?  Need educational credit for your degree or certification?  Volunteer with us!  We would love to learn with you and help you prosper in every way imaginable!


Caretaker, Child Socialization Option

If you are looking for somewhere to bring your child to socialize with other children and you would like to be part of that socialization; or if you have skills that you could offer to our curriculum, please know you are always welcome at our Center.  We are hoping to make this a Community Center that provides an outlet for all of your occassional child development needs.