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Dear Neighbor,

We are excited to be opening The Village Center at 169 Port Rd, Suite 41.

We have developed a skills-based learning center for children between the ages of 3-12 providing a venue for families to find an easier way to manage disruptions in their schedules and to foster a healthier balance in their lives. 

Our skills-based learning center is available on demand for children to learn various skills as it relates to the community around them, as their caretakers partake in the wonderful services our great community has to offer. 

Evening events for adults in our community, yoga classes, spa days, hair dentist and doctor appointments ... and any other services that our wonderful community has to offer can be enjoyed easier with this type of service located in the center of our community.

We are reaching out to all of our local businesses to find creative ways to promote each other’s services.  We would like to become an extension to your business by providing a safe and enriching experience for children while their caretakers enjoy the services you have to offer.

We are also offer satellite care.  If your venue would benefit from having a “kids club” at your location to augment your events services, we would love to be that provider!

We hope you too will be willing to partner with a local start-up that is supporting your business  alongside ours.

The Village Center