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On Demand

Life is full of surprise and schedules are bound to be disrupted.  We developed The Village Center to help manage the unexpectedness that may have crept into your day.

Call us or drop in, we are here to help!


  • $13 per hour per child, $25 per hour for two children

  • $250 monthly PILLAR Program

  • $25 per child for Saturday Night SPECIAL EVENTS {2 hour event}

We are here to help our community and its families prosper.  If you cannot afford our rates, we offer a volunteer program that credits families childcare.  For every 2 hours you volunteer, you can bank an hour of childcare credits.

Looking for a way to network and socialize with your child? Come in and spend some time with us, we love visitors!


  • Become a Pillar! Our Pillar Program offer allows families to sign up for a 25 hours a month to be used at their discretion.

  • Special Events are scheduled once per week in the evenings and are listed under our Special Events Tab. $25 per child

  • Transportation available. Talk with us about your transportation needs. To The Village Center only